About the Alumni Champions' Fund

Each year, NYCGB directly assists one in five aspiring young singers with the cost of auditions, course fees and travel costs. Without this help they wouldn’t be able to participate in NYCGB’s life changing activities

The Alumni Champions' Fund is a new annual fund that has been established by NYCGB alumni to raise money in aid of current NYCGB members who require financial assistance to participate in NYCGB’s courses and concerts. This is a fund that has been set up and will be managed by NYCGB alumni. All donors that donate to the fund will be recognised on NYCGB's website and future publicity as an NYCGB Alumni Champion.

Young singers are finding their voice with NYCGB thanks to the Alumni Champions Fund.

In December 2017 the Alumni Champions Committee set out to raise £10,000 through a Christmas Appeal in aid of NYCGB members who require financial assistance to participate in NYCGB’s residential courses and concerts in 2018. We are delighted to report that we raised £9,411, which with Gift Aid totalled £11,458.13.

The appeal ran in December 2017 with all donations received forming part of the Alumni Champions' Fund - a new annual fund managed by NYCGB Alumni for the benefit of current members. In January 2018, all of the above funds raised, including Gift Aid, were awarded to NYCGB members who had applied for financial assistance by an appointed representative of the Alumni Champions Committee.


We would like to thank the Alumni Champions Committee for their wonderful dedication and huge commitment to running the inaugural campaign in 2017/18, our President John Rutter for his most generous support, and all of the below Alumni Champions, as well as those that have chosen to remain anonymous, for their incredible gifts and messages.

  • Dr John Rutter CBE (Campaign Champion)
  • Adam Penny
  • Alex Fleetwood
  • Ali Fryer-Bovill
  • Andrew Farris
  • Andrew Hartley
  • Angharad Watkin
  • Anna Jackson
  • Ben Parry
  • Bryony Coapes
  • Carol Farris
  • Catherine Byram-Wigfield
  • Charlotte Dougan
  • Chris Jepp
  • Colin Stewart
  • Colin Welford
  • Elizabeth Hurran
  • Gareth Saunders
  • Graeme Lamb
  • Greg Hallam
  • Helen Dayananda
  • Jane Waltin
  • Jasper Blakeley
  • Jimmy Holliday
  • Joanna L’Estrange
  • Joanne Herco-Thomas
  • John Daszak
  • Julian Forbes
  • Katherine Nicholson
  • Kitty Whately
  • Lizzie Spear Née Rowe
  • Louise Laprun
  • Lucilla Fermi
  • Lucy Head
  • Mara Goldstein
  • Marianna Freeman
  • Marieke Haigh
  • Mark Anderson
  • Mark Anyan
  • Martha Mclorinan
  • Melissa Alder
  • Michelle James
  • Nick Jefferson
  • Nicola Corbishley
  • Peter Bardsley
  • Polly Penter
  • Rachel Shatlif
  • Rachel Staunton
  • Robert Nash
  • Robin Paterson
  • Russell Pascoe
  • Simon Houlton
  • Simon Wright
  • Tim Lockley
  • Tom Johnson

"Let's make the NYCGB open to all young people with the ability to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities this unique family of choirs offers. Your gifts are an investment in the future of this country."

NYCGB President Dr John Rutter CBE - December 2017