The National Youth Chamber Choir of Great Britain will be performing as part of LIVE From London Christmas 2021. The National Youth Chamber Choir is made up of outstanding young singers from the National Youth Choir of Great Britain and the current NYCGB Fellowship. The members, aged 18-27, meet throughout the year for performances, broadcasts, recording sessions and education events, both across the UK and abroad. They will be singing and recording Christmas Silence by Lillie Harris, NYCGB Young Composer 2019. The piece was commissioned as part of NYCGB’s new music partnership with Choir and Organ magazine.

NYCCGB will be performing alongside The King’s Singers, who are always focused on how music has an incredible power to unite people. This could not be more evident than at Christmastime. For centuries, people of all different races, ages, faiths and nationalities have celebrated during the Holiday season with their own songs that give thanks for the last year and their time together. Marking the launch of the group’s new Christmas album, this programme takes a festive spin on the ensemble’s Finding Harmony mission, combining a unique selection of Christmas favourites from all over the world, with lesser-known gems and some brand-new surprises. Join The King’s Singers and The National Youth Chamber Choir of Great Britain as the group returns to LIVE From London to show how valuable music is as a tool to bring us all together. 


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