National Youth Chamber Choir & Dunedin Consort: Spem in alium

The voices of Dunedin Consort and National Youth Chamber Choir of Great Britain combine in a concert which pivots on two works of epic scale.

Frequently hailed as one of the most astonishing pieces of choral music ever created, Tallis’s Spem in alium is a devotional motet for 40 separate voices interwoven to create an ever-shifting mosaic of sound. The audience will be surrounded by, and immersed in, song.

A contemporary response comes from Spitalfields Festival Curator Errollyn Wallen, with her maritime-themed When the Wet Wind Sings. The same forty voices take us on a sea-faring voyage across five centuries.


National Youth Chamber Choir

Dunedin Consort

Conductors: John Butt and Ben Parry


Kerry Andrew Who we are

John Casken Uncertain sea

Eriks Esenwalds A salutation

Edmund Finnis Verbo Domini

Ben Parry Flame

Roxanna Panufnik Unending Love

Thomas Tallis
Spem in alium
O nata lux
Te lucis ante terminum
Dum transisset sabbatum
Loquebantur variis linguis

Errollyn Wallen When the Wet Wind Sings


Tickets can be purchased online from Spitalfields Music.