Follow a performance trail through County Durham's world-famous open air museum.

Performance trail

  • 12.00 - Performance 1 - Colliery Yard
  • 12.30 - Performance 2 - Pit Village Chapel
  • 13.00 - Performance 3 - Pit Village Band Hall
  • 13.45 - Performance 4 - Farm
  • 14.30 - Performance 5 - Town Bandstand
  • 15.00 - Performance 6 - Town Masonic Hall
  • 15.30 - Performance 7 (Finale) - Town Park

Please note that the performance trail is subject to change, depending on weather conditions.


For their Summer 2018 concert, the National Youth Girls' Choir invite you to march with them on a performance trail through the varied sites and sights of Beamish Museum. A world-famous open air museum, Beamish tells the story of 1820s, 1900s and 1940s North East England through restored buildings and running vehicles, all brought to life by an army of volunteers in period costume.

Part of the NYCGB Summerfest 2018

Data sharing information: NYCGB and Beamish Museum

NYCGB and Beamish Museum are both funded by Arts Council England, so we work together to develop audiences by the legal, appropriate sharing of audience data (data sharing). For this concert only, NYCGB are inviting bookers to give consent to receive a one-off invitation from Beamish Museum to join their mailing list.

  • The invitation will be sent within two weeks of the concert by Beamish Museum, solely to bookers who agree to receive it by ticking the box at booking below.
  • Data for bookers who consent to receive, but do not accept, the invitation will be securely deleted by Beamish Museum within one month of the date on which the invitation is sent.
  • If you have any further questions about this data sharing activity please email [email protected]

Important: tickets!

Please note that these tickets are only for friends and family of National Youth Girls' Choir members attending the Summer 2018 course. Printed tickets will be distributed at course registration to parents / chaperones. If you are not going to be at course registration, please make sure that you give instructions to the parent or chaperone taking the Girls' Choir member to the Summer 2018 course to arrange collection of your tickets. Please note that NYCGB cannot post out tickets in advance.

These tickets will only be available until 9am on Monday 6 August. After this point, you will need to purchase tickets at standard rates from Beamish Museum.

Book a place

Ticket Quantity Price

Full: Girls Choir: March With Us

Decrease Increase £15.00

U16s: Girls Choir: March With Us

Decrease Increase £10.00

U5s (Free): Girls Choir: March With Us

Decrease Increase £0.00