This event is now closed.

Thinking of joining NYCGB? Music teacher or singing teacher interested to know more about what we can offer your students? We would love to welcome you to our open day at the National Youth Training Choir's Summer course at the Royal Masonic School for Girls in Rickmansworth.

You'll be welcomed by the Course Director and given your own musical session as a group (no preparation required!) before getting an exclusive tour of what's happening on the course. We want to give you a real experience of what it's like to be in NYCGB, and everyone you meet will be welcoming and friendly.

It's up to you to make your way to the open day, and under-18s must be brought and accompanied by adults. We'll make sure you get refreshments on arrival, but we kindly ask you to make your own arrangements for lunch.

We politely request that families of current Training Choir members attending the course do not book places on the open day for 'visiting time'. This helps us welcome as many first-time guests as possible - thank you!

We're really sorry, but this open day is fully booked.

Please try one of our other open days.

With best wishes,


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