National Youth Boys' Choir and National Youth Girls' Choir

Boys' and Girls' Choir residential courses are five days long. Members usually arrive around lunchtime on the first day, spend four nights away from home and the fifth day is concert day. Members leave at the end of the concert.

National Youth Training Choir

Training Choir courses are usually around eight days long. Members usually arrive around lunchtime on the first day, spend seven nights away from home and the eighth day is concert day. Members leave at the end of the concert.

Time Off

Requests for absence during courses may be granted only under exceptional circumstances as missing any part of a course will make it difficult for members to get the most out of it and may devalue the work put in by other members. 

Due to the amount of information given at the start of the course, members attending their first course must arrive in time for registration.  Requests to arrive up to an hour after Registration may be granted for members who have attended a course previously.

Only requests for missing up to a four hours mid-course may be granted.

No member may miss concert day.

Summer courses often fall over GCSE and/or A-Level results days. If this happens, we suggest that members ask their school or college for a way of accessing results remotely. We allow time away from rehearsals on the morning of results day to access results and make necessary phone calls but do not allow members to leave the course.  We offer strong pastoral support at this time. 

Please complete the Absence Request form which members/parents can find under 'Resources' within 'My NYCGB', giving as much information as you can, and email the completed form to [email protected] as soon as possible and no later than two weeks before the start of the course.  NB NYCGB’s refund policy remains in place whatever the outcome of this request i.e. if we are unable to grant leave of absence, and you cancel the booking, any refund would be in line with the policy stated HERE.

National Youth Choir

The National Youth Choir runs differently to other NYCGB choirs, with a year-round Annual Programme of four projects, including a non-residential introductory weekend and concert project, a mini-residential of around five days, and an extended residential of around 10 days.

Attendance is compulsory at three out of four Annual Programme projects.  Short term leave requests may be granted in exceptional circumstances and should be emailed to [email protected] in advance.