Auditions cost £35 and financial assistance is available to help cover this fee and the cost of transport to an audition venue. Applications are made via our online form.

We provide an accompanist so there's no need for you to book one!

If you're successful a membership fee of £85 would be payable and this includes your NYCGB concert folder.  We also ask that you buy a NYCGB Polo-shirt (£14) and Choir Concert Shirt (approx £12). Again, financial assistance is available to help cover these costs.

Even if you're able to pay these fees, but would need help towards covering Course Fees, we suggest that you apply for Financial Assistance at the earliest possible stage as this will give you a good indication of how much we're able to help.  Any Award we're able to offer is based on a percentage of fees so, if we offer 50% of the Audition Fee, it's likely that we can also offer 50% of Membership and Course Fees. 

Updated April 2018