You will, by now, have been assigned to a choir according to your age and ability. There are several levels; Junior Choirs (Cambiata Voices, Boys' Choir and Girls' Choir), Training Choir (North and South) and National Youth Choir (our senior choir). The age ranges overlap to enable singers of varying ability to be assigned to the most appropriate choir.

Your progress is also evaluated on each course. If NYCGB staff have concerns about your progress during a course, we may raise this with you, and/or your parents/guardians. If there are still serious concerns following consultation with you and your parents, you may be asked to re-audition for NYCGB.

If you're a member of the Girls’ choirs, Boys’ Choir, Cambiata Voices or Training Choir, you will remain in your choir until you reach the leaving age, or - if you feel you're ready for the demands of the next choir - you can audition early. If you're a member of National Youth Choir you are required to audition annually each Spring. You must be aged 18 on 31st August in the year of application to age 22 on 31st August 2021 (to age 25 for current members re-auditioning).

Auditions for entry to our Junior, Training and National Youth Choirs take place annually each Autumn.

Our National Youth Chamber Choir comprises senior members of the National Youth Choir. During our annual auditions for the National Youth Choir, we also consider every applicant's suitability for NYCC. Outstanding candidates, will receive an invitation to join NYCC together with their National Youth Choir place offer.

Eight Fellows make up the core of National Youth Chamber Choir and are selected at annual open auditions each Summer.