This FAQ updated: 10 October 2018

National Youth Boys' Choir, National Youth Girls' Choir, National Youth Training Choir

All courses have music staff and pastoral staff. Music staff are led by the course conductor and are in charge of rehearsals and musicianship sessions. Within the music staff, singing teachers and section leaders keep an eye on individual and ensemble vocal health and musical learning, helping you to learn and develop. 

Our music staff have often been members of NYCGB in the past. When they're not working on NYCGB courses they are often full-time professional musicians, or completing advanced musical studies. They get huge satisfaction out of your progress and development, and they will always support you to succeed.

Pastoral and assistant staff are led by the course manager and a dedicated head of pastoral care (who is usually a nurse, teacher or health/social care professional). They are there to look after the well-being and safety of all members - as well as to keep you entertained! Pastoral activity is further overseen by NYCGB's Head of Safeguarding, and represented at board level by a Trustee Lead for Safeguarding.

In practice, music staff and pastoral staff roles overlap, with all staff members taking equal care to be aware of how every individual member is getting along.

You can find more information about our Safeguarding approach and policies on the Policies page of our website.


National Youth Choir

Because National Youth Choir members are aged 18+, staff teams on National Youth Choir residential courses are smaller. There is always a course conductor and course manager, as well as musical and pastoral staff appropriate to the course and project.