This FAQ updated: 10 October 2018

National Youth Boys' Choir, National Youth Girls' Choir, National Youth Training Choir

Every course is different, but all are full of rehearsals, tuition, workshops, social activities and finish with a concert so that your family and friends - and the general public - can enjoy the results of your hard work and preparations.

On a regular course day, you'll start with warm-ups at 9am and finish your last rehearsal at 8pm. To keep you rested there are always two 30 minute refreshment breaks, a one hour lunch break, and a long afternoon break for games, social activities, or your own free time. Evening social activities are always offered after the last rehearsal for those who want to take part.

To see what it's like and how members find it, watch our Residential Courses: Revealed! video on YouTube:


National Youth Choir

The National Youth Choir's Annual Programme is made up of several projects (see What does membership involve?). The first project is a discovery session including workshops in vocal styles and techniques, and other skills including stagecraft, and rehearsals to prepare the year's repertoire. The Christmas concert project will see you present one or more festive programmes in a major venue. The third and fourth projects, both residential, offer opportunities including masterclasses from visiting professionals, collaboration with the NYCGB Young Composers, recording sessions, and high-profile performances as part of major programmed events or series.

Residential courses follow a similar schedule to Boys' Choir, Girls' Choir and Training Choir courses, though there is more flexibility and independence due to the age of National Youth Choir members (18-25).

Our Residential Courses: Revealed! video on YouTube includes the National Youth Choir, and testimonies from National Youth Choir members.