This FAQ updated: 10 October 2018

National Youth Boys' Choir, National Youth Girls' Choir, National Youth Training Choir

We offer all Boys' Choir, Girls' Choir and Training Choir members two residential courses per year. There is always a Spring course, held in the Easter holidays, and a Summer course, held in the Summer holidays. School timetables vary; we timetable courses to coincide with the majority of state school Easter and Summer holidays.

The courses are always held at boarding schools (see Where will I sleep and what is the food like?) or occasionally university campuses with enough rooms for everybody and on-site rehearsal spaces. Because NYCGB is a national organisation with a national membership, we try to hold courses around the UK, with recent locations including Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Yorkshire, County Durham, Wales and Scotland. This means that everyone must be prepared to travel, and our Financial Assistance Scheme can help with costs.

We keep the latest course dates and venue information for the coming year listed on the Courses page of our website.


National Youth Choir

Unlike other NYCGB choirs, the National Youth Choir operates a year-round Annual Programme of several projects, some of which are residential and some of which are non-residential.

We will communicate the dates and locations of your Annual Programme for the coming year when we invite you to accept your place.

Further information about the National Youth Choir's Annual Programme can be found on the National Youth Choir page of our website.



Another special feature of National Youth Choir membership is the chance to tour internationally. Tours are held every three to five years, most recently to China and Hong Kong in 2016.