Members of the National Youth Girls' Choir, August 2018. Image: NYCGB/Belinda Lawley

25 February 2018

The full sum raised by the Alumni Champions Fund Christmas Appeal 2017 has been awarded to current members of four NYCGB choirs.

17 NYCGB members aged 11 to 19 received individual Financial Assistance Awards of £440-£880, enabling them to take part in the coming year's courses and performances.

The awards were made at the annual meeting of NYCGB's Financial Assistance Panel, which decides how to allocate available Financial Assistance to the 1 in 5 members who request it.

In 2018, the total available sum for allocation was boosted for the first time by the Alumni Champions Fund, launched with a Christmas Appeal in 2017. NYCGB Alumni Champions Committee member Lizzie Spear, who sang as an Alto with the National Youth Choir in the 1980s, joined the Financial Assistance Panel for the decision-making process.

Lizzie said:

I am very pleased to report that the full amount of £11,458.13 raised by our Christmas Appeal was awarded to current members by the Financial Assistance Panel in January. It was decided that the Alumni Champions Fund monies should be given out to members requesting support equivalent to 80% or more of costs. As a result, the Alumni Champions Fund supported a total of 17 NYCGB members from all choirs aged 11 to 19 with awards ranging from £440 to £880. On behalf of those 17 young people, their families, and the Alumni Champions Committee, a huge and heartfelt thank you to everybody who donated to our first Christmas Appeal.

Alumni from around the world supported the Christmas Appeal, and contributed video messages to a social media awareness campaign.

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