Pachelbel's Canon, arranged for SATTB in 1992. Image: Bryony Coapes

Alumni from the 1980s to the 2010s are invited to share their memories in our new Facebook group galleries.

There are four galleries, one for each NYCGB decade, and any member of the NYCGB Alumni Facebook Group can add images to any gallery. The group is a closed/private group, and you'll need to answer some security questions to be admitted by one of the group admins, who are the NYCGB Alumni Champions Committee.

Please do try to caption each image with the date and location/venue if you can. Please also bear in mind that individuals' preferences on being tagged in images will vary, but you might like to invite people you see in images to join the group if they're not already members and you're connected.

Have fun!

The NYCGB Alumni Champions Committee