David Kirby pictured in St David's Cathedral, Hobart. Image by kind permission of the Dean of St David's.

22 February 2018

"My choral journey has entered its 77th year. I must have sung at thousands of services, and with over one million persons during that period, including Queen Elizabeth II, two Archbishops of Canterbury and two British Prime Ministers."

So writes David Kirby who was born in Tasmania in 1934, joined the choir of St David's Cathedral, Hobart at the age of eight - and is still a member today.

When we found out about David's extraordinary service record in a recent edition of Choir & Organ magazine, we gave NYCGB Assistant Administrator Elizabeth Curwen the task of making contact with the Cathedral to see if David might be willing to tell us more about his career.

We heard nothing for weeks, and then an envelope arrived at NYCGB's offices in Durham. It contained a typewritten letter from David, and eight further typewritten pages.

"Dear Elizabeth", David wrote:

Thank you so much for your recent letter to St David's Cathedral regarding my long choral service, and the possibility of an interview for your newsletter.

You referred to this event as "quite an inspirational story that our choir members would love to hear about." While I have never considered it in this way, it is you who have inspired me, and I have brought my musical notes up-to-date in the attached "My Choral Journey Through Life". Please feel free to to use the contents in any way you wish.

Having read David's memoirs several times, we think that the best way to use them is to share them as widely as possible. His story is an inspiring one - a lifelong relationship of man and music - and we hope that it will be read and shared far and wide by singers of all ages. We send David our very great thanks and profound admiration.

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