John Rutter conducts NYCGB at the Royal Albert Hall, April 2016. Image: Belinda Lawley

16 November 2017

John Rutter pledges £3,000 to NYCGB Alumni Christmas Appeal

NYCGB President John Rutter has pledged £3,000 of match funding to kick-start a fundraising appeal by NYCGB Alumni in aid of current members.

Led by the new Alumni Champions Committee, the Christmas Appeal aims to raise £5,000 to help support the one in five young singers who require financial assistance to take part in NYCGB’s activities.

All money raised will be held in a new annual fund, the NYCGB Alumni Champions Fund. The fund is being managed by the Alumni Champions Committee, which will appoint a representative to make awards from the fund in January 2018 to financial assistance applicants.

John Rutter said: "As government funding for music and music education recedes, those of us who value the wonderful transformation that music brings to young lives have to step up and fill the gap. It shouldn't have to be that way, but the alternative is that we move towards becoming a land without music. Music should not just belong to the privileged, it is for everyone."

NYCGB Chief Executive Anne Besford said: “It is wonderful to see our Alumni community coming together to support the next generation of the NYCGB family, and John’s generosity has given the Christmas Appeal a brilliant opportunity to get off to the best possible start.”

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