Nine singers from the NYCGB Fellowship Programme perform music by an NYCGB Alumnus on a new album by award-winning vocal ensemble Tenebrae.

All eight members of the 2016-17 NYCGB Fellowship and one member of the 2015-16 programme sing on the landmark recording, released ahead of a national tour to mark Tenebrae’s 15th anniversary season.

As well as ‘Path of Miracles’ by Joby Talbot, originally commissioned by Tenebrae in 2005, the album offers the premiere recording of ‘Footsteps’, a new commission by NYCGB Alumnus Owain Park written for two separate choral groups.

The structure of Park's new piece will allow Tenebrae to collaborate with local choirs as they perform ‘Footsteps’ on an 11-date national tour.

The 2016-17 NYCGB Fellows were privileged to be invited to record the second choir part at sessions in November 2016. Tenebrae Director Nigel Short praised the “eight fantastic singers” and commented that it had been “great fun” working with the group.

2015-16 Fellow Beth Partridge, meanwhile, features throughout the recording as a member of Tenebrae Choir, having graduated from the NYCGB Fellowship into Tenebrae’s own professional training scheme as a 2016-17 Associate Artist.

Owain Park, a former bass member of the National Youth Choir, is regarded as one a significant new voice in choral music. His compositions are published by Novello and performed internationally by groups including the Tallis Scholars, the Aurora Ensemble and the Norwegian Soloists’ Choir. His chamber opera, 'The Snow Child', was performed at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

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