Lucy Head (pictured far left) performing with the NYCGB Alumni at St George's Hall, Liverpool, 2019.

10 May 2020

NYCGB Alumni Secures Generous £1000 Donation from The Mercers Company to Help More Young Singers Fulfil their Potential

NYCGB Alumni, Lucy Head, has secured a generous donation of £1,000 from The Mercers’ Company, a livery company focused on being a philanthropic force for good. The donation will help more young people who require financial assistance, to take part in NYCGB’s inspiring and life-changing programmes for talented young singers.

Lucy Head was a member of NYCGB from 1987-1990 and is now a proud and active member of NYCGB alumni – a group of passionate and active former choir members who come together to perform, socialise, support one another and the charitable aims of NYCGB. Now a peripatetic brass/piano teacher, based in Berkshire, Lucy likes to sing when she can, as part of NYCGB alumni events and at other local, choral opportunities. She looks back fondly at her memories of the courses and concerts she was part of and the recordings she made while at NYCGB, during which she made lifelong friends.

The Mercers’ Company has a rich history dating back over 700 years with philanthropy as the common thread between their past, present and future.  Each year they aim to support over 180 charitable organisations through their three people-based programmes: Young People & Education, Older People & Housing and Church & Communities. Lucy’s family have been associated with the Mercers since 1706.  They remain active members today, volunteering their time and expertise to maximise the Company’s philanthropic impact.    

Lucy said:

I am delighted that my application to the Mercers’ Company has been successful. The money will go towards the essential bursary fund, helping young people to have a chance to shine in NYCGB. The Mercers’ Company have been very generous and they are interested in contributing more in the future. I am proud to be an NYCGB alumni member and will continue to help fundraise for this fantastic organisation.

Mimi Phung, Philanthropy Manager, The Mercers’ Company said:

We are extremely pleased to support NYCGB through our programme designed to support our members in their philanthropic endeavours. Its work is well aligned with our aim of giving opportunities to people to lead fulfilling lives.

Anne Besford, NYCGB Chief Executive said:

We are absolutely thrilled that Lucy has approached The Mercers’ Company and that the Company has so generously made this donation – we couldn’t be more grateful to them both! Our bursary fund is an essential source of funding that enables those talented young singers who require financial assistance to take part in our life-changing programmes, helping them to realise their potential. We are always so grateful to members of our wonderful alumni who so generously give back to enable members of future generations to gain the same benefits that they themselves experienced.

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