Hannah King leads a primary schools workshop in Durham in January 2017


Following a successful Widening Access & Engagement partnership, NYCGB and Rosehill Theatre remain closely linked, with NYCGB leaders travelling up to West Cumbria on a regular basis to help Rosehill deliver its ambitious programme of workshops and activities for local young people. It’s provided a wonderful opportunity for current NYCGB Fellow Hannah King to develop her skills:

“Together with Robbie Jacobs, I’ve worked with four Whitehaven primary schools over the past Summer term", Hannah say. "Between us we ran a total of 28 workshops, seven with each school, and a final performance day for all of them at Rosehill Theatre in July."

"Following that, this August Shiv Pattni and I have led Rosehill’s ‘Summer Sing’ course for local youngsters, running a varied programme of events ranging from singing to sports and even sculpture building, with our singers creating statues based on characters in the folksongs they’ve been learning. At the end of four days, the children gave a performance for family and friends and each group displayed and talked about their sculptures as an introduction to each of our four main songs.”

And there’s more in store. From October, Hannah will be meeting children at four new Whitehaven primary schools and delivering a whole year’s worth of workshops. She’ll also be checking in once a month on the new Rosehill Children’s Chorus. 

“All the children who took part in the schools workshops and the Summer Sing course have been invited to join. The new theatre at Rosehill is a brilliant space with a brilliant team behind it, and I’m looking forward to heading back!”

Rosehill Theatre Director and NYCGB Trustee Richard Elder said: "We are delighted to be working with NYCGB in the creation of a children’s choir to meet regularly throughout the year and to perform at Rosehill and on other stages in West Cumbria. The talent and expertise of NYCGB’s staff and singers alongside the talents and commitment of Rosehill’s staff, singing teachers and others in West Cumbria is a great partnership bringing great results for us all."

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