Pastoral care at NYCGB

Dedicated pastoral care teams work alongside the musical staff on all NYCGB residential courses, looking after our members' health and wellbeing and organising and supervising recreational and social activities.

Key people

Pastoral care teams are led by designated Heads of Pastoral Care. These individuals routinely work in similar roles for schools or social services and combine their professional expertises with knowledge and experience of NYCGB's activities and work. Heads of Pastoral Care are in turn overseen by NYCGB's Head of Safeguarding.

Staff training

All pastoral care staff attend a briefing prior to the start of every residential course to refresh their understanding of NYCGB's safeguarding policies and to ensure that they are aware of all necessary member medical/dietary information.

All senior pastoral care staff are trained in child protection and first aid.


NYCGB sends out member surveys at the conclusion of every residential course which include specific questions about pastoral care experiences. Members can respond anonymously, and all feedback is reviewed following collection.

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