The National Youth Choirs of Great Britain comprises five choirs for young people from school year 5 to age 25.

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The National Youth Boys' Choir (inc. Cambiata Voices)

For boys from school year 5 to school year 10. Boys undergoing vocal change sing as part of the specialist integrated changing voices ensemble Cambiata Voices.


The National Youth Girls' Choir

For girls from school year 6 to school year 10. The choir is divided internally into junior and senior sections.


The National Youth Training Choir

For mixed voices from school year 9 to school year 13. The choir is formed of two ensembles, Training Choir North and Training Choir South, which may meet independently or as one large combined ensemble.


The National Youth Choir

For mixed voices from school year 12 to the academic year in which you turn 22. This is the NYCGB's original ensemble as founded in 1983 to showcase the best choral singers in the UK, and remains our flagship choir, representing the culmination of our artistic and educational programmes.


The National Youth Chamber Choir (inc. NYCGB Fellowship Programme)

For senior members of the National Youth Choir, typically aged 18-25. The 24-voice National Youth Chamber Choir is the only NYCGB ensemble to function on a paid professional basis. From 2015, the core of the ensemble is filled by eight NYCGB Fellowship holders, selected at annual open auditions. To find out more about the Fellowship, CLICK HERE.

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