Every year 1 in 5 of our members requires financial assistance to enable them to participate in our life changing courses. Please help us to support these members by making a donation to our Summer Challenge campaign between the 7 and 31 August 2017.

This year, with your help, we are aiming to raise £10,000 for the NYCGB Financial Assistance Scheme through our new Summer Challenge. This money will enable over 30 young aspiring singers to take part in our residential course programmes, which includes auditions, concerts, tuition, recording sessions, tours, and more.

What a great life experience to see your daughter perform as a member of NYCGB, the whole experience from watching her prepare for her very first audition to where she is now has been a complete joy.

You can support the campaign by making a donation or raising funds by running your own fundraising event. Whether you choose to run a marathon, hold a baking contest, take part in a singathon, get sponsorship for performing in NYCGB concerts, or hosting your own mini concert, you can raise funds in aid of our campaign directly via our website by creating your very own fundraising page. To create your own fundraising page click the above 'Fundraise' button and simply follow the instructions.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed to the Bursary scheme so that my daughter, and other children like her, can benefit from this wonderful opportunity.

NYCGB does not use third parties to manage our online donations and therefore your online donation made via this website or donations in aid of our Spring Challenge made via your own fundraising page on this website will go directly to NYCGB and supporting this campaign. 

Joining NYCGB was the best thing that happened to me in order to overcome my difficulties, and this would never have happened if it wasn’t for the kindness of all the donors who help fund NYCGB.

Without the bursary we would never have been able to afford this course and have such a fantastic experience with some dedicated and experienced professionals.

It is impossible for me to express just how grateful I am for the financial support that I have received this year, which quite frankly has made these wonderful experiences possible. On behalf of myself and my family, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks both to the organisation and to its donors for their generosity, and I hope that others may continue to have the opportunity to benefit from it in the same way that I have.

In the fortunate circumstance where NYCGB exceeds the above target for this campaign all additional donations will still go towards supporting our members (over 100) who in 2017 require financial assistance to participate in our courses. If we fail to reach our target, all donations received will still go towards supporting a proportion of the stated 30 beneficiaries.

Please note that NYCGB does not carry out cash collections on the street or use third parties to request donations by post or over the phone on our behalf. If you receive a donation request of this type, please don't make a donation and notify us straight away by emailing or calling us.