#StartSomethingAmazing with an audition for NYCGB

If you have a passion for singing with others that you want to take to the highest level, and if you've got talent and readiness to learn, then an NYCGB audition really can be the start of something amazing for you.

We believe strongly that every talented young singer in the UK is entitled to go for an NYCGB audition, wherever they come from, and whatever their musical background.

So we've given lots of information here to help everybody clearly understand what's required, and how to prepare to give their best on audition day.

Booking for the National Youth Choir 19/20 auditions are now closed.

Applications for the 19/20 Fellowship Programme are open. Apply by noon on 10 May 2019.

Booking for the National Youth Girls', Boys' and Training Choir Auditions Opens September for auditions taking place in October/November 2019.

Click the links to find out everything you need to know, and if you can't find what you need, contact us!

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How the auditions process works
Where and when the auditions are
How to prepare for your audition
Frequently asked questions (and answers!)

NYCGB Auditions Programme Principal Supporter

We are proud that the Royal Albert Hall is the Principal Supporter of NYCGB's Auditions Programme.