We want our auditions process to be easy and accessible so that your young singer can concentrate on the most important thing - preparing to give their best!

Skype audition slots will be available to those who find it difficult to access an audition venue including those who live in UK islands, The Highlands of Scotland, Northern Ireland and remote parts of Cornwall.  Full details to be announced.

Here's how it all works.

1. Sign up and get ready to book

If you haven't already done so, sign up to our mailing list. That way you'll be guaranteed to receive updates and information as soon as they're published.

Booking checklist, have you...

1. Checked your young singers eligibility in the 'who can audition' section here

2. Made sure the person booking is a parent/guardian

3. Got a recent head and shoulders photograph of your young singer ready to upload

2. Book

When booking opens parents/guardians will be able to book an audition via our website, and choose from a range of locations, dates and time slots.

If your young singer was a member in 2019, login into your My NYCGB account to book. If they weren't a member in 2019 you'll need to create an account, (which you'll be able to do from 12 noon on Monday 23 September), before you can book.

The audition fee for 2019 is £37. Children on free school meals can audition for free and financial assistance is available.

3. Prepare
Once you've booked an audition for your young singer, it's time to make sure they're as prepared as possible. We have lots of information and resources on this website to help you.
4. Audition
The big day! We want to assess your young singers current ability, but we are also looking to see their potential, readiness to learn and enthusiasm. We want all young singers is to do their best, and be their best! 
5. Get your result
We email results once all auditions have taken place. If successful, you'll be asked to accept your young singers place in the choir to which they've been allocated, based on their age and ability. 


Having problems booking an audition? Click here for support.

How to prepare for your audition
Frequently asked auditions questions (and answers!)


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