In his own words:

I stayed up late one night when I was fifteen to watch the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line. This music thing looks interesting, I thought. A few weeks later, I saw the movie Ray, and got absolutely hooked on the piano. I clanked away on my great-grandmothers’ piano for about six months until my parents capitulated and got me some piano lessons for my birthday. I’m so grateful that they did. Within four years I had my ABRSM grade 8 with distinction, picking up classical singing along the way and getting a distinction for that too. After graduating in music, I collected various experiences as a freelancer and was fortunate to organise and deliver musical engagement for Middlesbrough Town Hall. My task at NYCGB is that work on a national scale, allowing me to bring the joy of music to young people across the country.


Ben stewards the Learning and Engagement programme, organising workshop activity across the country, course open days, and first access activity.

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0191 383 7348