1. What is the NYCGB Fellowship Programme?

The NYCGB Fellowship Programme is a remunerated training scheme for outstanding choral singers between the ages of 22 and 25 who wish to advance towards a professional career in choral music. Each year, eight singers selected at audition learn advanced performance, teaching and mentoring skills through a 50-day programme of performances, tours, recording sessions, workshops, masterclasses and residencies. Each Fellowship is supported by an individual bursary award of £4,000 plus expenses. 

2. Who is the NYCGB Fellowship Programme for?

The NYCGB Fellowship Programme will suit singers who have already amassed significant experience and who wish to embark on professional careers. We are looking for ambitious and creative people who not only want to join the professional choral network, but who also want to shape and enhance it.

Candidates must be between 22 and 24 years old on the 1 September at the start of their Fellowship , and must be UK citizens. Fellowship activities and engagements will take place throughout the UK and will also include engagements and tours abroad.

3. What is the commitment?

Fellows are expected to commit to 50 days of engagements and training, and may additonally be invited to work as part of staff teams on NYCGB residential courses for which additional remuneration will be made.

In the case of a clash with a significant external opportunity such as a major concert or audition we will always consider granting you an ’N/A’ (‘not available’) resulting in a small deduction from your award. N/As cannot always be granted, but we will try to support you as best we can.

4. How do I audition?

Candidates wishing to audition for the NYCGB Fellowship Programme are assessed by a three-round process:


Candidates submit a completed application form, up-to-date CV, and video of a recent solo accompanied or unaccompanied performance.

Stage 1 Auditions

Around 20-30 candidates are selected to attend individual solo auditions held in Manchester and London and lasting approximately 20 minutes. Candidates are required to sing excerpts from three prepared, contrasting pieces and undergo sight-singing tests and interviews.

Stage 2 Auditions

Around 16 candidates are selected to attend a final ensemble audition held in London in which they work on a variety of repertoire and exercises. 

6. Can I apply more than once?

You can apply as many times as you like as long as you are within the age limit for application, but you can only take part in the programme for one year. We welcome and encourage repeat applications from candidates who have previously applied unsuccessfully: please outline the progress you have made in the personal statement on your application form.

Candidates who progress to Stage 2 or Stage 3 of the application process but are not selected for the Fellowship Programme may still be invited to join the National Youth Chamber Choir.

7. I have just completed the Fellowship Programme; can I remain in the National Youth Chamber Choir?

If you are still 25 or under, you can still be invited to be a member of the National Youth Chamber Choir until you exceed the age range. This will involve a yearly audition.

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