Who can audition?

You must be a British citizen and resident in the UK, the Channel Islands, or Isle of Man, and you must be in the right school year or academic year at the time of your audition (please refer to the table below).

In terms of musical ability, we are looking for vocal and musical potential and responsiveness as well as experience and achievements.

Can boys with changing voices audition?

Boys can audition for NYCGB even if they are undergoing voice change, and if accepted, would usually be offered a place in Cambiata Voices, our male voice choir for emerging tenors, baritones and basses.

Each boy has a vocal assessment at the beginning of each course with a singing teacher who specialises in boys' changing voices to ensure that they are allocated to the voice part which best fits their current stage of development.

Where and when are auditions held?

NYCGB holds nationwide auditions for all ages and voice parts in the Autumn, usually from late October and throughout November. Information is published in the Summer.

Supplementary auditions for boy trebles take place at selected locations in May. Information is published in the early Spring.

Where are the audition venues?

We send details of the audition venue, and on-the-day contact information, as part of the confirmation email sent to applicants once they've completed their booking.

We always try to ensure that our venues are in central locations and easily accessible by public transport.

Does it matter where I audition?

No. All of our choirs are national, and meet twice a year at locations around the UK for residential courses and concerts. So the choice of where you audition is up to you.

How do I book an audition?

To book an audition, you must first register as a user of the NYCGB website. You can do this at any time: CLICK HERE

When booking goes live (we'll email you: make sure you've subscribed to our Auditions mailing list to receive alerts) you'll be able to log in to your account, and select and book an audition. We'll provide a handy instruction guide to help you, and you can also phone our friendly office staff.

How much do auditions cost?

Auditions to join NYCGB cost £35. We offer financial support to cover the cost of auditions, including associated travel expenses.

NYCGB treats applications for financial support on an individual basis and reserves the right to grant or withold financial support as appropriate. Find out more here.

What happens in the audition and how do I prepare?

Auditions can be daunting, but they're much less daunting if you know what to expect!

Full information about what happens in NYCGB auditions, a fun cartoon guide and sample sight-reading tests are available all year round. CLICK HERE

What sort of music can I sing for my first prepared piece (accompanied)?

We enjoy hearing music from all genres, including musical theatre and pop songs. However, we advise that you carefully consider your choice of piece to ensure that it is one which demonstrates your vocal technique and range to best effect.

Is an accompanist provided?

An official NYCGB accompanist is provided for all auditions.

Please note that candidates must use the official NYCGB accompanist.

How long does the audition last?

The actual audition itself lasts no longer than 15 minutes.

 You'll also get around 10 minutes preparation time with your accompanist before you go into the audition. Trust us - the time will fly!

When will I hear the results of my audition?

NYCGB aims to communicate the results of Autumn auditions by mid-December.

The results of supplementary trebles auditions (held in May) are communicated by the end of June.

What happens if I'm accepted?

If your audition is successful, we'll be in touch to offer you a place in one of our choirs. The offer will depend on your age and ability.

A 14 year old singer, for example, may be initially allocated a place in a Girls’ or Boys’ choir if it is thought that they would benefit from further vocal or musical training at this level, but a more experienced or vocally mature 14 year old candidate may be offered a place in the National Youth Training Choir. Boys whose voices are changing will usually be offered a place in Cambiata Voices, our specialist ensemble for boys with changing voices.

Once you've accepted your place, we'll be in touch with news of the next available residential course that you can attend. There are two residential courses each academic year, both held within state school holidays: one at Easter and one in the summer.

When are the residential courses?

If you're successful, you'll be eligible for a place on the next residential course for your choir. To check the dates and locations of residential courses in 2016, CLICK HERE.

What does it cost to be a member?

If your audition is successful, you'll need to pay the following fees and costs:

One-off membership fee £88*
Concert shirt purchase £24
Residential course fees Variable; click here

*This includes your NYCGB polo shirt and black concert folder.

Financial assistance is available to help with all of these costs. For more information, click here.


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