In her own words:

I begged my parents at the age of six to let me learn the piano, and that’s how it all started. Violin lessons swiftly followed. I’ve always sung, less formally, but at school I accompanied the choir! When I started at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, by somewhat of a fluke I became a soprano choral scholar (having sung alto for years) and I even played Dorothy in our college production of The Wizard of Oz. Nowadays the violin is my main instrument again - I lead the second violins in the New Tyneside Orchestra and have played in a range of other North East orchestras.  

At NYCGB I work to expand the reach of our organisation, through partnerships with music hubs, arranging open events and meeting with others in Music Education. I moved to NYCGB from Outdoor Arts events management, with some time also in higher education administration. Given that I am also responsible for the NYCGB Fellowship Programme, this seems particularly fitting. I feel that what distinguishes NYCGB is the openness to new approaches and the sense of giving young people a range of opportunities. 


Katie is responsible for organising wider NYCGB activity for young people who aren't in our choirs, as well as managing the NYCGB Fellowship Programme.

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