In her own words:

I begged my parents at the age of six to let me learn the piano, and that’s how it all started. Violin lessons swiftly followed. I’ve always sung, less formally, but at school I accompanied the choir! When I started at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, by somewhat of a fluke I became a soprano choral scholar (having always sung the harmony part) and in first year I even played Dorothy in our college production of The Wizard of Oz. But really it was playing in Coventry Youth Orchestra and then orchestras at university where I found my tribe. So nowadays the violin is my main instrument, and I’m lucky to be able to play in a range of North East orchestras and some smaller groups.

At NYCGB I develop and manage our wider programme of activity, engaging with those who typically may not have heard of National Youth Choirs. To do this I work closely with music hubs, schools and other organisations in music education. I moved to NYCGB from the Outdoor Arts sector, including managing a dance company, and prior to that I worked at Newcastle University.


Katie oversees NYCGB workshop and partnership activity around the country.

kat[email protected] 

0191 383 7348