The National Youth Chamber Choir at Cadogan Hall, February 2018. Image: NYCGB

We select 16 singers from the senior ranks of the National Youth Choir to perform at a wide range of concerts and events throughout the year. The core octet is made up of the eight current NYCGB Fellowship holders

...the music and its delivery were ravishing, offering perspectives and tonal shifts you'd expect from the very best of chamber choirs. -

At a glance

The National Youth Chamber Choir performs across the UK and internationally, and is a key ambassador for NYCGB values. Recent highlights include:

  • Recordings for BBC Music Magazine and NYCGB's own range of digital singles
  • Live appearances on BBC Radio 3 and BBC Radio 4
  • National touring collaboration with National Youth Jazz Orchestra for Shakespeare 400.
  • Two performances at City of London Festival
  • Invitation performance at the American Choral Directors' Association Conference in Salt Lake City
  • Headline performance at the Malta International Choir Festival
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What we do

The National Youth Chamber Choir meets throughout the year for intensive rehearsal periods and paid professional engagements including performances, broadcasts, recording sessions and educational workshops.

NYCGB Fellowship

Eight members of the National Youth Chamber Choir are always current NYCGB Fellowship holders. Click here to find out about the NYCGB Fellowship Programme.

Professional pathway

As our elite ensemble, the National Youth Chamber Choir is an important aspirational step for members of NYCGB. Many singers in the National Youth Chamber Choir teach and inspire younger members of NYCGB when they work as staff members on National Youth Boys' Choir and National Youth Girls' Choir courses.

Equally, the National Youth Chamber Choir is a springboard to further professional development. Typically members are enrolled in further music education or are at the outset of professional singing careers.