5 September 2018

Alumni from the 1980s to the 2000s enjoyed a day of practical skills and guidance for launching local choirs, held last month at the National Youth Training Choir's Summer course at Royal Masonic School for Girls in Rickmansworth.

The 'Choir Kickstarter' was the brainchild of Charlotte Dougan (NYCGB 1990s) who discovered a need for practical skills and guidance when starting a local children's choir in her home county. The day offered sessions in conducting technique, vocal warm-ups, games for teaching musicianship, and an introduction to Sing Up's range of songs, tools and resources.

Charlotte said:

"My interest in setting up a local choir came about because there was no provision in our area and I didn’t want my son to miss out. Setting up a choir: surely that’s easy? Having stood on the other side for many years, I certainly thought so, but how wrong could I be! That got me thinking - if I found it such a daunting prospect and was not really sure what to do, then there must be many others in my shoes - and the kickstarter day was born. I am so grateful to all the session leaders for their help, generosity, kindness and for sharing their amazing skills, talents and experiences (all invaluable). I know that everyone that attended the day enjoyed it and really felt that they had learnt a lot, as did I."

Attendees also received a pack of accompanying information supporting the sessions and providing additional ideas and guidance on practical administration and marketing and publicity. To access this information pack, click the link below.

Plans are taking shape for the next Choir Kickstarter Day. If you are interested, please email [email protected]

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