National Youth Choir of Great Britain Auditions 2020 

Booking Opens 4pm, Tuesday 31 March

Despite the current uncertainty surrounding Covid-19, auditions for the National Youth Choir in 2020, will go ahead in May and will be offered digitally via Zoom

The National Youth Choir is NYCGB’s flagship ensemble, the UK's leading youth choir for outstanding singers aged 18-25 and home to some of the best young singers in the world. Members come together to take part in a unique year-round training and performance programme. You’ll work with and be inspired by world-class musicians and coaches and be part of major national and international events, concerts and festivals performing at high profile venues including the Royal Albert Hall. 

Membership also offers you extensive experience of developing and premiering new choral music not only in live performance but also via digital media. You’ll sing alongside the most gifted young singers in the UK, developing your skills to the highest level, and making life-long friends. Our programmes are designed to help you to grow in confidence, fulfilling not only your singing potential but also gaining valuable real-world life and professional skills such as team working, communication and creativity. 

We want our choirs to represent the diversity of the UK’s young people and we celebrate every individual from any background. We passionately believe that choral singing is for everyone and strongly encourage all talented young singers to audition to become part of our amazing choirs. Financial assistance is available towards the cost of auditions and membership. See below for more details. 

As a member of National Youth Choir, there are continuous opportunities to develop your skills throughout the Annual Programme and the organisation. These roles include but are not limited to: Member Representatives, Chamber Choir membership, social representatives (secretaries) and volunteer work through our Learning and Engagement programme. 

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Our choirs are age-specific; to audition for the National Youth Choir you must be aged 18 on 31st August 2020 to age 22 on 31st August 2021 (to age 25 for current NYC members). Download the table to view our age ranges here

Membership of NYCGB is open to British citizens and anyone who is a resident of the UK at the time of application (excluding non-domicile applicants). 

Due to the disruption to the 2019-20 National Youth Choir Annual Programme caused by Covid-19, current members are all offered a place on next years’ programme and are not required to re-audition. 

All current Training Choir members who are eligible and wish to move up into the National Youth Choir will be required to book an audition. Auditions are not available on summer residential courses. 

Audition fee and financial assistance 

As this years’ auditions are offered online via Zoom due to the current situation with Covid-19, we are able to offer a reduced audition fee of £15, which is to cover our administrative costs 

Financial assistance is available for the audition fee. If you require financial assistance for your audition, please tick the financial assistance box when completing the booking. Follow the link below to our financial assistance page on our website and scroll to the bottom of the page to complete the form. The form includes instructions on how to complete it and the information you will need. Find out more  here. You MUST complete our online form before the deadline outlined by your choir administrator in your ‘audition results email’ to be considered for financial assistance.


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Please note:  The National Youth Choir is for singers aged 18-25. We hold separate auditions for our other choirs. Auditions for the National Youth Boys’ Choir, the National Youth Girls’ Choir and the National Youth Training Choir will take place in autumn 2020. Please check our website for updates and sign up to our mailing list  here for updates.  

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