NYC Auditions: Dates & Times 

Booking Now Closed

National Youth Choir 2020-21 Auditions 

Ages: 18 on 31 August 2020 to age 22 on 31 August 2021 (to age 25 for current members) 

Please note: The National Youth Choir is for singers aged 18-25. We hold separate auditions for our other choirs. Auditions for the National Youth Boys’ Choir, the National Youth Girls’ Choir and the National Youth Training Choir will take place in autumn 2020. Please check our website for information and sign up to our mailing list for updates. 

Booking opens: Tuesday 31 March, 4pm 2020

Booking closes: Thursday 30th April 2020

Results: 19th May 2020

2020 Audition dates and times: 

Monday 4th May: 10am – 4:30pm 

Wednesday 6th May: 10am – 4:30pm 

Thursday 7th May: 10am - 4.30pm 

Monday 11th May: 10am – 4:30pm 

Wednesday 13th May: 9.30am – 4:30pm 

Friday 15th May: 9.30am - 4.30pm 

For details of Annual Programme dates and fees click  here


If you have any questions about the auditions for the National Youth Choir, please contact Elizabeth Curwen between 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday – Friday: 0191 383 7334,  [email protected]   


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