Some beautiful people, some beautiful place, some beautiful time. Image: Anne Onnermuss

Welcome back! You haven't changed a bit. 

Whether you last sang with us as a member of the National Youth Choir in the 1980s, or as a member of the National Youth Girls' Choir in the 2010s, you're part of the NYCGB Alumni family. We hold regular events for Alumni, and this section of our new website will soon expand into a dedicated Alumni micro-site.

Stay in touch

To make sure that we can inform as many of you as possible about news and events, please sign up to our mailing list and tick the relevant NYCGB Alumni boxes to tell us more about when you were in the choir/s. 

Please note: if you entered your details via the 'Alumni Mailing List' page on the old NYCGB website, there's no need to do so again!