Vocal Supporters

The Baker Family 

David Carrington 

Sir Gerald & Lady Elliot 

The Huxtable Family 

Krista Murray

Garth Pollard 

The Sanders Family

Mr & Mrs R Tett

Roger Wright


Gold Friends

Linda Antunes 

Janet Ashton 

Sooty Asquith 

Joan Carter

Kieran Cooper 

Mr and Mrs D von Preyss 

Mr & Mrs R J Edwards 

Andrew Evans 

Claudia Golden 

Jonathan Gough

Christian Grobel

Silvia Hepburn

Christopher Higgins

Geoff Mountfield 

Mr & Mrs P Tuch 


Silver Friends

Michelle Bernard

Zoe Buckthorp

Nina Camilleri

Guillaume Dieu

Mr & Mrs K Ellis

Anita Grosz

Beverly Holt

Stephen and Caroline Jefford

Laura Lucardini

Alex McColl and Charles Wynn-Evans

Daniel & Deborah Meyer

Sylvie Morgan

Susannah O’Brien

Michael O’Kane

Susanna Oberholzer

James Prescott-Martin

Wendy Smith

Patrick and Caroline Strafford

Rowena Taylor

Carole Varney

Robert Wallis

Tracy & Robert Watson

Ivan Zoratti


Aspire Funders

Polly Penter

Simon Worrell

Simon Wright


Big Give

All of our 2014 and 2015 Big Give donors who have collectively donated over £60,000 to help fund bursaries for our young members.

Youth Music