Vocal Supporters

The Baker Family 

David Carrington 

Sir Gerald & Lady Elliot 

The Huxtable Family 

Krista Murray

Garth Pollard 

The Sanders Family

Mr & Mrs R Tett

Roger Wright


Gold Friends

Linda Antunes 

Sooty Asquith 

Kieran Cooper 

Mr & Mrs D von Preyss 

Mr & Mrs R J Edwards 

Andrew Evans 

Claudia Golden 

Christian Grobel

Silvia Hepburn

Christopher Higgins

Geoff Mountfield 

Stephen & Lydia Pierce

Mr & Mrs P Tuch 


Silver Friends

Michelle Bernard

Anita Grosz

Beverly Holt

Michael O’Kane

Susanna Oberholzer

James Prescott-Martin

Mr Mark & Mrs Janet Simpson

Wendy Smith

Patrick & Caroline Strafford

Carole Varney

Tracy & Robert Watson

Ivan Zoratti


Aspire Funders

Polly Penter

Simon Worrell

Simon Wright


We would also like to thank all of our generous friends who wish to remain anonymous.


Big Give

All of our 2014 and 2015 Big Give donors who have collectively donated over £60,000 to help fund bursaries for our young members.

Youth Music