Donate to the Aspire Fund

Alumni of any of our choirs can donate to the Aspire Fund. 

In October 2014, NYCGB launched a distinct fund within the Bursary Programme, called 'The Aspire Fund, supported by NYCGB Alumni'. 

Each year, the need for financial support increases, and we are committed to meeting this need to ensure that our work remain accessible to all the UK's best young singers, regardless of circumstance. 

Our initial aim for the Aspire Fund is to generate the support required to provide one bursary for each of the choirs every year, supported soley from the generosity of NYCGB Alumni. This will allow us to continue to provide life-changing experiences to talented young singers, who would otherwise be unable to take up their place due to financial circumstances.

Make a Donation

If you would be interested in making a contribution towards the Aspire Fund, a PDF version of the donation form can be downloaded below. 

If you would like any further information, please contact Rob Colbert, Development Manager at or 0191 383 7353.


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