Staffing with NYCGB

Staffing NYCGB activities is demanding and fun. Our course staff are made up of Musical Staff and Pastoral Staff; in practice there's plenty of overlap because everyone is 100% committed to our members' wellbeing and everyone is passionate about music.

Musical Staff and Pastoral Staff report to the Course Manager, who as the senior administrative staff member is responsible for the overall administration of the course. Course Managers typically have long experience of NYCGB and may also work professionally as teachers or pastoral assistants. All staff members are subject to checks by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and are trained in Child Protection with NSPCC. All senior Pastoral Staff are trained in First Aid

Find out more about leading, inspiring and caring for the UK's best young singers as a member of the Musical Staff or Pastoral Staff

Join The Staff

NYCGB recruits all pastoral and musical staff during late autumn and early each new year, for spring and summer courses together. Many musical, pastoral and social assistants who work on courses for junior choirs are themselves older singers with the National Youth Choir or Chamber Choir, or alumni from any of the three previous decades of NYCGB, but we are always happy to consider applications from committed people.

You need to contact Mark Anyan, General Manager, to request further information and an application form:

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