2019-20 Young Composers Scheme

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The scheme is open to composers aged 18+ on 1 September in the year of application and under 26 on 31 August in the following year who demonstrate clear ability, potential, and a passion for creating high-quality, imaginative new music for vocal ensembles. You do not need to be a published composer, or to have a Music degree or A-Level. We actively encourage applications from those working in ways which are not traditionally choral or acoustic.


Candidates submit an application form and a portfolio of 2-4 items (see below). We then shortlist around 10 candidates who are invited to an interview and workshop session. The workshop session will explore singing and vocal techniques (it doesn't matter if you're not a singer), while the interview will explore your creativity to date and your ambitions for your participation in the scheme. Following this session, we will invite four composers to join the scheme.


Candidates must submit a minimum of two and a maximum of four portfolio items.

  • At least one portfolio item must be a notated or otherwise visualised score*.
  • At least one portfolio item must be an audio or video recording.
  • At least one item must include vocal ensemble (two or more vocal parts occurring simultaneously), and at least two items must feature a voice or voices in some way.
  • Video items should be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo, a personal website etc and links provided in your application form.
  • Audio items should be uploaded to YouTube, Soundcloud, a personal website etc and links provided in your application form.

*We do not wish to restrict applications by composers working in non-notated forms, for example beatboxing or sequencing. However, we will require you to demonstrate that you can communicate your musical ideas in some sort of written or diagram form.


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