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For general administration, including courses and concerts, finance and personnel, please contact Mark Anyan, General Manager: mark.anyan@nycgb.org.uk 0191 916 0076

For National Youth Choir (9-18 Years) enquiries, including auditions and membership, please contact Amanda Wood, Membership Manager: [email protected] 0191 383 7355

For National Youth Choir (18-25 Years) Fellowship or Young Composers enquiries, including auditions and membership, please contact Pip Doust or Rebecca Anderson on: pip.doust@nycgb.org.uk  [email protected]

For safeguarding and pastoral care policies and practice, please contact Joy Brereton, Head of Safeguarding: [email protected]

For workshops and partnership activity, please contact Katie Lodge, Learning and Engagement Manager: [email protected] 0191 820 1224

For fundraising, strategic partner relations, donor relations and the National Youth Choir Friends Scheme, please contact Rob Colbert, Director of Development: [email protected] 0191 249 3623

For media and marketing, please contact Tim Croall, Head of Communications: [email protected] 

For invoices/payments, please contact: [email protected]

For business and strategic development, please contact Anne Besford, Chief Executive: [email protected]  0191 249 3627

For artistic performance or strategic participation, please contact Ruth Evans, Head of Artistic Planning & Participation: [email protected] 0191 383 7352

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