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Residential courses are at the heart of NYCGB, full of music, learning, fun and friends.

Some of the UK's top conductors and teachers lead you in incredible music alongside other talented and enthusiastic young singers. You'll develop choral skills, individual vocal technique and musicianship. Confidence grows throughout the course until you're ready to showcase your skills to great audiences around the UK.  

You'll go on up to two inspirational residential courses each year; one during the Easter school holidays and one during the Summer break. Whilst the courses vary in length, depending on your age and ability, they're all packed with opportunities, experiences, music, fun and friendships.

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Rehearsals happen throughout the day, in sectional groups and in split and full ensembles. They're never 'run-throughs' or 'note-bashing' - you'll work on your individual and ensemble sound and blend, learn to listen to the wider music beyond your part, create different sounds and styles, and build performances that incorporate choreography and movement. As your experience grows, so will your ability to lead others and support their progress. 

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If you're a member of the National Youth Boys' Choir, National Youth Girls' Choir and National Youth Training Choir, you'll receive dedicated musicianship sessions as part of your daily schedule. We use games and singing exercises to develop your sight-reading, rhythm, pitch, and aural skills.

Alexander Technique
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National Youth Training Choir and National Youth Choir members receive group sessions with qualified Alexander Technique practitioners. They help to improve your movement and breathing, and to identify postural habits which can increase in performance. The Society of Teachers of Alexander Technique website carries further information about their work on our courses, and their national programme of education. 

Vocal Tuition
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You'll be given guidance on vocal health and development on every course you attend.

Careers forums
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NYCGB is just part of your musical journey. Members of the National Youth Training Choir and National Youth Choir can take part in forums to help guide your choices as you move through school and towards higher education and specialist music study. 

Social Activities
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Even the most enthusiastic singers need time to recharge and refresh. Every course has its own Head of Social Activities who will organise everything from craft activities to quiz nights. It's all optional and, of course, there is always free time for you to relax or revise if you've got exams looming!

Pastoral Care / Safeguarding
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Whether it's helping with medication or special access requirements, or lending a friendly and confidential ear, our pastoral team is always there for you 

Safeguarding members and protecting them from harm is the responsibility of every member of staff. All our staff are DBS checked and are trained in NSPCC Safeguarding/Child Protection. Our pastoral staff are also trained in First Aid, Safe Handling of Medication, Prevent and Health and Safety.

Information updated 29 August 2018

Course Dates 2019

National Youth Boys' Choir 

SPRING: Uppingham School, 11–15 April (Concert: Nottingham, 15 April)

SUMMER: Tudor Hall School, 31 July-4 August (Concert: Birmingham, 4 August)


National Youth Girls' Choir

SPRING: Tudor Hall School, 16-20 April (Concert: Coventry, 20 April)

SUMMER: Framlingham College, 20-24 August (Concert: Saffron Hall, 24 August)

National Youth Training Choir

SPRING: Rossall School, 12-19 April (Concert: Liverpool, 19 April)

SUMMER: Option A - Harrogate Ladies' College, 24-31 August (Concert: Sunderland, 31 August)

SUMMER: Option B - Royal Masonic School for Girls: 15-22 August (Concert: Reading, 22 August)

National Youth Choir

Project One 17 - 18 November Trinity Laban

Project Two 21 -24 December Royal Albert Hall

Project Three 11-15 April Uppingham School (Concert: Royal Concert Hall Nottingham, 15 April)

Project Four 5 – 13 August Rickmansworth (Concert: Snape Maltings, 13 August)

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