CLICK TO WATCH: The five NYCGB choirs sing 'who we are' by Kerry Andrew at the Royal Albert Hall, April 2016. 

We are the most inspiring organisation for young choral singers in the UK.

We discover and nurture exceptional musical talent; provide unbeatable performance opportunities and world-class musical and leadership training to the widest possible range of young people in society; and give the spark to the next generation of singers, conductors and leaders who will take choral music into the future.

How do we do it?

  • We hold two residential courses each year for our five choirs for young people from School Year 5 (Year 6 for girls) to those turning 22, auditions for people wanting to join and the NYCGB Fellowship, a professional training programme.
  • We put on concerts and events, including open days and Ready Steady Sing! workshops for young people (and adults) who aren't members of NYCGB but want to get to know us better.
  • We work in partnership, particularly with Schools & Music Hubs, to make singing activities and opportunities available on a regional level to young people who aren't members of NYCGB.
  • As a registered charity, we run fundraising schemes and activities to ensure that no young person is prevented from taking part in what we do through financial hardship.

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