Musicianship is like musical grammar. All choral singers need it to read their part fluently, get beyond the notes on the page, and start making music.

Because it's so important, we dedicate a lot of time to musicianship on our courses. And we've now released a free online musicianship course in three modules: Rhythm, Tonal Centering and Intervals. Worksheets mentioned in the videos are available to download below.

Worksheets for Module 1: Rhythm

Worksheets for (1) Reading rhythms 1 & (4) Semiquavers

Note values worksheet 1

Note values worksheet 2

Note values worksheet 2 answers

Worksheet for (5) Chunking

Rhythm app favourites list

Quiz for (6) Time signatures

Quiz (and answers)

Worksheet for (8) Syncopation 2

Syncopation worksheet

Worksheets for Module 2: Tonal Centering

Worksheet for (1) The centering pattern

Hand symbols worksheet

Worksheet for (3) C Major melodies

C Major melodies workshee

Worksheet for (4) The harmonic minor

Harmonic minor worksheet

Worksheet for (7) Changing key

Changing key worksheet

You'll also see several references in the videos to the 'Read Rhythm app', which is the Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer, available to download from the Apple App store (price £2.99)