NYCGB Alumni

Welcome back!

Whether you last sang with us as a member of the National Youth Choir in the 1980s, as a member of the National Youth Training Choir in the 1990s, or as a member of the National Youth Girls' Choir in the 2000s, you're part of the NYCGB Alumni family. As well as this subsite, we have a Facebook group and Twitter account and you can contact the Alumni Champions Committee at any time on [email protected] 

Alumni Feed One

  • Alumni Champion Fundraising

    This page is for Alumni of NYCGB who wish to set up their own fundraising pages and challenges in aid of NYCGB. Read more

  • Alumni Champions Committee

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  • Congratulations Imogen!

    NYCGB Alumna Imogen Parry is announced as the newest Swingle Singer - and Kathryn Parry joins an exclusive group too. Read more

  • Where are they now?

    Former National Youth Choir and Fellowship member, and one of NYCGB Alumni’s newest members shares his NYCGB thoughts and memories. Read more