The NYCGB Alumni Champions Committee

The NYCGB Alumni Champions Committee is made up of representatives of every NYCGB generation from the 1980s to the 2010s. It exists to lead the successful growth and development of the NYCGB Alumni Community, and to manage the NYCGB Alumni Champions Fund.

The current committee members are:

  • Andy Farris (1980s/1990s)
  • Anna George (née Tonkin: 1980s/1990s)
  • Bryony Coapes (née Lonsdale: 1990s)
  • Charlotte Brosnan (2000s)
  • Charlotte Dougan (née Mobbs: 1990s)
  • Gareth Saunders (1980s/1990s)
  • Liz Hurran (1980s/1990s)
  • Lizzie Spear (née Rowe: 1980s)
  • Simon Wright (1980s)

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