If you have a passion and talent for singing with others that you want to take to the highest level, along with a readiness to learn, then an NYCGB audition can be the start of something amazing for you. We passionately believe that choral singing is for everyone and strongly encourage all talented young singers from all backgrounds and musical styles to audition for our choirs.

As an NYCGB member you’ll have the best choral training possible including unbeatable opportunities to develop skills in music, performance, recording, leadership and teamwork, and to grow in confidence and aspiration. You’ll sing alongside the most gifted young singers in the UK, developing your skills to the highest level, and making life-long friends.

Auditions take place annually as follows:

National Youth Choir

Ages 18-22 (25 for existing members)

To audition for the National Youth Choir in 2022 singers must be aged 18 on 31st August 2021 to age 22 on 31st August 2022 (to age 25 for current members re- auditioning).

Next Auditions: May 2021

National Youth Training Choir

Ages 15-18

Audition from school year 11 (England & Wales), S4 (Scotland) and Year 12 (Northern Ireland) and sing with us until the end of school year 13, S6 (Scotland) and Year 14 (Northern Ireland).

Next Auditions: October/November 2021

National Youth Girls’ and National Youth Boys' Choirs

Ages 9-15

Audition from school year 5 (England & Wales), Primary 5 (Scotland) and P6 (Northern Ireland) and stay with us until the end of school year 10 (England & Wales), S3 (Scotland) and Year 11 (Northern Ireland).

Next Auditions: October/November 2021

You can audition for NYCGB if you are a British citizen or a resident of the UK at the time of application. Our choirs are age-specific and the Age & School Year Guidance Table has full details. Download Age & School Year Guidance Table

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