22 January 2019

The Christmas Appeal by former members of the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain has raised a total of £17,044 for the Alumni Champions Fund, enabling 18 current members to participate in 2019.

The appeal was led by the Alumni Champions Committee, and kick-started by a matched donation of £2,500 from an anonymous donor. The appeal had a target of £15,000, with donors encouraged to ‘turn their fivers into tenors (and sopranos, altos and basses)’.

The final total beat its target comfortably, with £17,044 raised from over 250 donors, including Gift Aid and proceeds from the 20th annual NYCGB Alumni Carol Crawl, sponsored half-marathons by Anna George (1990s) and Julian Forbes (2000s), and sponsored Winter Walks by Catherine Byram-Wigfield and Lizzie Spear (1980s). The total was 49% higher than the previous years' Christmas Appeal, which raised £11,458.

Following the appeal, the full proceeds were then distributed to current NYCGB members at the annual meeting of NYCGB’s Financial Assistance Panel, which decides how to allocate available Financial Assistance to the 1 in 5 members who request it. Alumni Committee member Lizzie Spear joined the panel for the process, and the discussion of the allocation of Alumni Christmas Appeal fundraising.

Lizzie said:

I am very pleased to report that the full amount of £17,044 raised by our Christmas Appeal has again been awarded to current members who requested support equivalent to 50% or more of costs. As a result, the Alumni Champions Fund supported a total of 18 NYCGB members from all choirs aged 10 to 22 with awards ranging from £282-£1,435. On behalf of those 18 young people, their families, and the Alumni Champions Committee, a huge and heartfelt thank you to everybody who donated to our second Christmas Appeal.

Thank you!

Everyone at NYCGB would like to thank the Alumni Champions Committee for their wonderful dedication and huge commitment to running this second successful campaign, our anonymous donor for their most generous support, and all of our Alumni donors for their incredible gifts and messages.

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